Your Feet Deserve a Foot Mask Too!

Do you ever think about how much you put your feet through every day? They’re the first thing out of bed in the morning and the last thing under the covers at night. They carry you through working your job, running errands, caring for your family, working out, cooking, and everything else.

With all your feet do for you, they deserve some love, and what better way to do that than with a foot mask? Read on to learn what a foot mask is, how it works, and why you should take the time to do one. 

What Is a Foot Mask?

A foot mask is similar to the mask you would put on your face to cleanse your skin, exfoliate, and moisturize. But these products are thicker and are meant to soften your feet. Often they will come with booties you can wear to keep the product on your feet, making them the perfect excuse to sit back and kick your feet up for a while.

Foot masks are not the same as foot lotions, since they are rinsed off after a few minutes. You also don’t want to use these every day, as some foot masks and peels are meant to get dead skin off your feet. You should use a foot mask weekly or monthly, or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

How Do They Work?

Foot masks work like chemical peels that you would use on your face. They use gentle acids to make dead skin peel off of your feet without you having to use pumice stones or similar harsh tools. Alpha-hydroxic acids are the star of most foot masks.

Alpha-hydroxic acids penetrate through the outermost layer of skin called the stratum corneum. They then send calcium into these skin cells, which burst and cause that layer of skin to break up into smaller pieces. These pieces will then feel away naturally, leaving fresh, soft skin in their place.

Benefits of a Mask for Your Feet

If you have rough, callused feet, a foot mask can be a great way to soften them up. When the weather is warm, we all want to wear flip flops, sandals, and open shoes. But none of us want our dry, cracked heels on display; foot masks are a great way to get gorgeous feet for the summer.

Foot masks can also help with some of the effects of arthritis or fungal infections. They may contain ingredients like aloe vera or lavender that prevent skin infections, soothe inflammation, and heal the skin. At the same time, they will moisturize your skin, leaving you glowing from head to toe.

Benefits for Your Mind

Foot masks are good for more than just your toes, though. They are also a great form of self-care and can have mental and emotional benefits, too. More and more, scientists and doctors are starting to recognize the benefits of self-care, and this is a simple way to reap those rewards. 

The feet are very sensitive, so treating them to some love can be incredibly relaxing and make you feel great. Many foot masks contain lavender and other essential oils, so you can reap the benefit of some aromatherapy along with your foot mask. It’s also hard to overstate how much just sitting down and taking an hour out for yourself once a week can help your mental health.

Different Types of Mask

There are a few different types of foot masks that you can use depending on what you are wanting for your feet. If your feet are rough or cracked, you may want to use a peel or an exfoliating mask. These can soften your feet up and remove dead skin.

If your feet are in pretty good shape already but you’re wanting to treat your feet, you can use charcoal or clay mask to soften and nourish your feet. These may use papaya, aloe, shea butter, and other such soothing ingredients.

Preparing Your Feet for a Mask

The first step to preparing your feet for a mask is to remove any toenail polish or toe jewelry you may have. A great way to make the most of your self-care time is to make a mask a part of a pedicure. You can pick out a new color of toenail polish to put on once the mask is done.

You want to soften your feet up to allow the masks to penetrate through the cells more effectively. So start by soaking your feet in a tub of warm, soapy water for about fifteen minutes. Rinse your feet off and pat them dry.

How to Use a Foot Mask 

Once your feet are softened up, it’s time to put on the foot mask. Many masks will come in booties that you can slip onto your feet and secure around your ankles. Be sure to read the directions on your mask to learn how it’s supposed to be done.

Many masks recommend you spend an hour letting the product work on your feet, so get your favorite drink, some good reading material, and a comfy place to sit, and kick back. This can also be a great time to do a face mask or a manicure. After the recommended time, rinse your feet off and, if you like, soak them in water for a little longer before drying them off.

Get the Best Foot Masks

Doing a foot mask is more than just a great way to get beautiful feet for warm weather. It’s also an important form of self-care, and you deserve to be loved on. So slip on some booties, kick back in your chair, and spend some time giving your feet some care.

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