How to Give Yourself a Foot Rub

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If you do not have anyone to massage your feet, you are not alone. The average Registered Massage Therapist charges no less than $60 per hour, turning this essential treatment into more of a luxury for many people.

Thankfully, you do not have to fork out the money to see a massage therapist for a foot rub. There are many different techniques and tools available for you to learn how to do it yourself. 

However, how do you know if you are actually doing the foot rub correctly? No one is there to watch you, so you want to ensure you are doing it the right way.

Well, we did that research for you, so keep on reading to learn how to give yourself the best foot rub that will make you feel relaxed and ready for bed after a long workday. 

Let’s get started.

Importance Of a Foot Massage

massaging your aching feet

If you are on your feet all day, you are putting a lot of stress on your feet that you may not even recognize. Our feet absorb a lot of tension throughout the day, and on top that off with uncomfortable work shoes, it is a recipe for painful feet.

Many people focus more on having their neck, back, and shoulders massaged, but they completely ignore the fact that their feet are doing much more of the work during the day. 

A good foot rub reduces tension, stimulates circulation, eases pain, and stimulates the muscles in your feet. A foot massage also gives you the chance to show your feet the appreciation and attention they deserve. You can give them a good check for any blisters, boils, bunions, etc that you may have overlooked while ignoring your feet in the past. 

According to Chinese medicine, your feet are full of trigger points and pressure points that when applied with the right pressure, you can heal certain ailments, blockages, and diseases within the body. 

Get the Right Tools

Thanks to so many advancements in the health and wellness industry, there are numerous effective self-massage tools available for you to use. Whether you are an avid runner, hiker, trainer, or even someone who does not exercise at all, these tools make a wonderful component for your self-massage. 

Lacrosse Ball

Using a lacrosse ball to massage your feet

If you have been following any of the fitness trends in the past decade, you will have noticed growing popularity with the use of lacrosse balls. Not only do they work wonders for releasing tension in your feet, but they can work with just about any muscle in your body. 

Place the ball on the ground, and roll your foot over the ball back and forth until you discover an area of tension. Once you find the tension, apply still pressure over the ball until you feel it start to release. 

Trigger Point Massager

Using a massage roller to massage your feet

Trigger point massagers or rollers are a great tool to get into those hard-to-reach areas, especially for those who have poor mobility. 

The handle on the massager allows you to leverage just the right amount of pressure, and the different shaped tips allow for different trigger point releases. 

Golf Balls

Using a golf ball to massage your feet

Using a golf ball is very similar to using a lacrosse ball for a self-massage, however, the golf ball is smaller and harder, which makes for a more painful-yet-productive massage.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, a wonderful treat for your sore feet is to put the golf balls in the freezer, then take them out throughout the day for a foot massage that will also relieve inflammation from the cold.  

Your Hands

self foot massage

Perhaps the best and most inexpensive tool that you can get your hands on, is your hands themselves!

The benefit of using your hands is that you can be assured you are not going too deep, which can happen if you get carried away with one of the massage tools. 

Massage Techniques With Your Hands

There are a few techniques that we will cover that involves using your hands for a great foot massage and stretch. You may want to warm up your hands with a stretch before you get into massaging to prevent any cramping in the hands. 

  1. Sit down on a chair with one leg crossed over the other with your foot over your knee. Grab your feet with both hands and use your fingers to pull back the toes towards you, while you use your other hand to keep your heel back. Then use your thumbs to rub big, circular motions in the arch of your feet to release the tension in your arches.

    Massage for five minutes, then switch sides. Pay close attention to your feet, noticing if there are any differences between the two. 
  2. Sit in the same position, but this time, use both of your hands to rub in long strokes from the heel towards the toes. Try to keep as much rhythm as possible, and pay attention to where there is tension or pain.
  3. Use your thumbs to apply hard pressure to the pressure points on the bottom of your feet. These pressure points are located in the arches and the balls of your feet. Hold the pressure for at least 30 seconds before moving to the next area.

Learn More Self Massage and Foot Rub Techniques Like These

There are many different techniques that will help you to ensure you are giving yourself an adequate foot rub just like a massage therapist would do.

It is important to pamper your feet and give them the love they deserve. This also involves using delicious smelling foot oils and massage creams to leave your feet feeling extra relaxed.

Check out our foot creams and lotions, and give yourself the love and pampering you deserve!

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